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5 Kimonos You'll Want To Wear This Holiday Season.

Wearing jackets as accessories have become the everyday norm for most women trying to look their best.

So how do you stand out of the crowd?

A chic and fashionable way to do it is by adding unique kimonos to your wardrobe and mixing up your style from time to time.

Here are some beautiful kimonos you can find right now to up your style to a whole new level.

Coastal Escapade Kimono

When you think of a kimono, you're probably thinking of a light piece you can wear daily to improve your outfits, and you'd be right.

This kimono is the perfect complement to an all-day outfit if you're so full daily that you can't go home and change.

Its color makes it versatile enough for you to wear it with jeans, skirts, or anything you can imagine.

Tropic Blues Kimono

For those days when you want to wear a crop top, but need a statement piece to 

This blue floral piece is ideal for going to the beach while still looking fashionable.

Although not as versatile as our last piece, this kimono has a unique detail, which is the fringed trim that gives it a casual vibe to it.

Night Bloom Kimono

Maybe white is not your preferred color to go out with daily.

If that's the case, then this black kimono might do the trick.

Same as with the kimono mentioned before, this one features a fringed trim.

Although not so suitable for hot weather, this kimono is perfect for chilly days where you need a layering piece.

Hartford Kimono

Now, if the kimonos we've been talking about so far aren't long or flashy enough for you, then this one is for you.

This kimono is maxi length, meaning that it will be hanging right below your knees.

It features a beautiful floral pattern and a soft pastel color, which further enhances the liveliness of the flowers.

Are you getting bored of wearing kimonos all open?

This one has a viscose belt you can use to close it and change the style of the whole outfit entirely.

Nautical Days Kimono

This last kimono is a chic addition to anybody looking for a piece perfect for going to concerts and festivals.

It has a cute pom-pom hem that makes it extra chic, a navy base color with bleached stripes, and it's extra cozy since it's 100% viscose.

This kimono is the one you want when going out to a party or, as we mentioned before when going to a festival where you're planning on dancing.

All of these kimonos are a fantastic addition to any woman looking to mix their wardrobe up and be daring.

  • Nov 29, 2019
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